PokeWorld is a hand-held pokemon game clone, made for online play! It is ment to look like the hand-held games but offer a world where you can see and battle other trainers. Its made with C# and only works on windows. Sorry Mac, I couldnt multi-platform this one =/. Its developed by Tocs ( A well known member of our forums )

Pokeworld will have all the pokemon to date. It will feature its own regions. No clones of the originals.  It will feature custom sprites. Not of the pokemon but world tiles and such. You will be able to see, trade, and battle other players. You will eventually be able to compete in tournaments against other players. There will be slight modifications to pokemon. Such as balancing to help some low tier pokemon become less useless, but not you Lovedisc your forever HOPELESS. Other things may include a class system. A modified breeding system. Item crafting... Who knows.

For more information about Pokeworld visit our forums.